How often should you wash your clothes, linens, and everything else?

Here’s a checklist for how often you should be washing clothes, linens, and everyhthing else.

Clothes, towels, sheets and more should be washed more often and not wait until Sunday to do a massive laundry run.

Clothes should be washed based on how often they are worn, not by the amount of time they have been in use. Wash denim jeans every three wears and household linens once a week.

Separate your clothes wisely: Separate light and dark colors, as well as dirty items from lighter ones. Items made of jean, for example, should be treated differently from those made of silk.

Don’t overload the dryer by stuffing it with too many items which will take longer to dry.

While you can get rid of most bacteria with a warm water, laundry detergent, and bleach, finish the job by using laundry sanitizers. Laundry sanitizers are added to your rinse cycle and will give you 99.9% getting rid of bacteria in the process.

Choose the water temperature for delicate fabrics such as wool, silk, or lace: cold water is safest and more environmentally friendly, but hot water is better for stains or germs.

There are different detergents for different jobs, so you should buy one based on what’s necessary. Some are more masculine and others are good for children. Whatever your job is, there’s a detergent that’s perfect for it.

Gather tips on how to determine the best frequency for laundry.


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