Laundry tips that will leave your clothes better

We know no one likes doing laundry, but do you want to put a stop to never-ending cycles of laundry? Check out these easy tips!

How to Ensuring Colors Match Up When Doing Laundry

You’ll save hours of frustration with our hamper kit, which lets you sort colors right from the get-go. A hamper on the floor is an efficient design to quickly find two colors and avoid wasting time digging around in one that may not show what you’re looking for.

How I’ve cut my laundry-washing time down in half

When you’re rushing to get fresh clothes from the dryer, don’t forget about a quick wash- setting. This takes up as much time as half of your drying cycle and works best on clothes with no dirt caked into them.

Why Dry Clothes And Other Laundry Items Faster

If you have a load of wet towels that are taking forever to dry, there’s a solution. The best type of towel for drying a load of wet bath towels is the fluffy kind.

The best ways to fix wrinkles

Unsure of what the best appliance is to use for your ironing? A laundry dryer might just be the answer. Throw in some moist fabric, let it cycle for 5-10 minutes and voila, you’re wrinkle-free!

How to iron pleats on a shirt

Have some nice pleated slacks that need ironing and don’t want to get out the iron board? The use of bobby pins are the perfect way to address shoe creases and keep the pleats in place while you iron. Talk about simplicity!

How to Resize Clothes

Even small household tasks can make a big difference in your life. This chore hack works like magic with just five minutes of soak time. Fill up the sink with lukewarm water, and add baby shampoo for extra softness. Soak the garment for about five minutes, rinse without wringing out, then dab it dry on a towel for good measure. Next, lay it out flat on a dry towel and stretch until loose fibers return to their original size.

How To Clean Your Comforter

With so many comforters being too big to fit in a washer or dryer, it’s good to know you can always take them elsewhere for washing. However, the benefits of line-drying on air make it worth taking more time out of your day.

When it comes to laundry, there is more to it than throwing a dirty sock inside the mismatched blazer in your closet. Even if some cleaning tips seem silly at first, they are tried and true methods to free up time so you can enjoy what matters most. With as few as a few minutes a day devoted primarily to doing the laundry, these tips will bring more enjoyable days.


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