Laundrymat – the way to be green

There are many reasons for using a laundrymat over doing your laundry at home. In this article, discover how to save money, reduce stress, and be more environmentally friendly by using a laundrymat!

Pros and Cons of Laundrymat vs. Home Laundry

Laundrymat is a laundry service that offers commercial and residential customers the opportunity to have their laundry delivered, cleaned, and returned in a timely fashion. The company had a brief surge in popularity during the recession as people sought to avoid dry cleaning with its high costs. However, some drawbacks of this service are excess energy consumption of approximately 560 kWh per person per year and not being able to compensate for advanced energy efficient equipment like front loading washing machines.

How to get the most from your Laundrymat

This is an environmentally friendly way to clean your clothes. It uses about half of the power that a regular washing machine does, because it washes the clothes in water and air instead of using water and detergent. There is no need for dryers, which saves electricity and causes less wear on clothing fibers. This is also a green alternative to rinsing your dirty laundry in the bathroom sink or toilet, because you use the same amount of water for both.

Tips for using a laundrymat in different areas

You don’t have to use a laundrymat in order to do laundry. In fact, doing laundry at home with your own machine saves you time and money while also giving you the freedom to wash anything you want. There are many different ways to make your laundry machine more environmentally friendly. If you live in a dry area, consider purchasing a front-loading washing machine that uses less water. If you prefer fresh clothes, choose highly-absorbent fabric when making your clothes in order to reduce drying time. If this doesn’t work for you, do what most people do and buy two dryers–one for drying clothes and one for storing them when they’re not being worn.

Recycling at the laundromat

Laundrymat is a company that has developed a unique way of recycling at the laundromat. The company’s aim is to decrease electricity usage by turning the detergent water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis, saving about 90% of the energy used for laundry appliances.


The environmental benefits that the company offers by using the laundrymat are impressive. They save a lot of water and energy. The laundrymat is also made of 100% recycled materials, which is a bonus.


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